7 Ways to Attract a Leo Man

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Leo men are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate and if you want to attract a Leo man you will need to use energy, enthusiasm and passion in your approach to ensnaring this king of the jungle.

Try these seven ways to attract a Leo man:

How to attract a Leo man

1 Leo men like to be the centre of attention, so if you want to attract one, make them the centre of your world. There is no point playing hard to get with a Leo man. Show him in words and deeds that you admire, respect and fancy a him and he'll succumb to the flattery. Flattery will get you everywhere.

2 Wear something in the colour gold to attract a Leo man. The colour gold is absolutely irresistible to them. It appeals to their proud and regal nature and their love of flamboyant and dramatic displays. Wearing gold as jewellery or in clothing will catch their eye and they will be drawn to explore if the gold package they see on the outside will contain hidden treasures on the inside.

3.To attract a Leo man you'll have to share in his lust for life and his enthusiasm for everything. Leo men live in the moment and take as much joy out of life as they can. Ordering a simple meal in a French bistro, for example, allows the Leo male a chance to show off, impress you with his knowledge of the French language and of haute cuisine and it makes him feel superior and special. It is his chance to shine and lap up your applause.

4 Leo men like to live dramatic and flamboyant lives and if you are to be his leading lady you'll need to learn not to hog the limelight. He wants to be centre stage at all times with you there in a supporting role. If you are very competitive or a Leo yourself you may find that your desire to outshine your Leo male will be the death knell for a relationship together.

5 Leo men love displays of affection. In fact Leo men love to be loved and adored, full stop. Public displays of affection do not bother the Leo man, in fact they love it as it shows to others just how loved and adored they are. So hug and kiss your Leo man at every chance you get, whether in public or in private.

6 Leo men are supremely confident, sometimes without just cause. But if you dare to point out their flaws or make the slightest criticism they are likely to lash out at you with their giant lion claws. They hate to be wounded and criticism wounds them deeply. Leo men believe themselves to be perfect, so let them be the king of the jungle and never, ever point out their faults.

7 An attraction Spell, either cast by you or by a professional Spell caster or Witch will help to attract a Leo man. If it is written in the stars that your destiny is to be with a Leo man, then you might try to help destiny along a little. Real Magic uses mysterious, subtle yet tried and tested methods to attract a lover. And even if you are a little sceptical, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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7 Ways to Attract a Leo Man

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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