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Be Consistent

After having read through both Perfection Inside and Perfection Outside, you have begun the process of internalization. The philosophies and the techniques will, hopefully, gradually become a part of your mental makeup, and as a result you will become a more well-rounded human being. It is not an immediate transformation, but it will happen if you have both (a) the time, and (b) the will. The Paragon Project is unique among the products of the Community, and I will explain why. 

The Method

At this stage it should be obvious to even the casual observer that The New Breed is unlike any other Seduction product ever offered; it is not so so much a set system as it is a "Way". As such it will provide you with all the tools necessary to become the best man that you can be, enabling you to live that life that you have always dreamed about: to be the center of attention and the envy of men everywhere. The creation of your own custom style is a major milestone in your development as a Man. 

The Tools

That being said, the tools which we have provided you will be less effective if you are not congruent in other areas of your life. Using the "techniques" of the community will create interest initially, but you must have the other aspects of your life in order to ensure that the woman that you want will want you back, and will stay with you. 

Lieing about anything relating to your job, education, etc... is incongruent. It is a sign of insecurity. A woman will be more attracted to the man who is honest and up front with her, than she would with the greasy lounge lizard who bullshits 24/7. This is a point which so many men fail to understand that it amazes me. 

Congruency should be treated as a lifestyle change rather than as a "social mask" which you can conveniently put on or take off as the need arises. Using congruency as a social mask is inconsistent with the basic nature of man. 

The Problem

A man who dresses sharply but has an untidy workspace is inconsistent. A woman will ask herself: "is he dressing this way just to impress me, when in reality he is a slob?" The issue here is that the your image does not fit your lifestyle. She needs to know that you are not intentionally trying to impress her. This is impossible to fake in the long term, and if you have deceived here she willfind out at some point. This is a major cause in many break-ups. 

Being consistent is more an issue of being honest with yourself than it is about being honest with others. The great Genereal George S. Patton once said that "Man is at war with each other because every man is at war with himself". 

The Solution

So what is the best way to approach this? 

The answer is: never lie to her, and do not be ashamed of who you are. Be the best that you can be and always put in 110%. Remember that, for people who do not know you well, inferences will be made based on the way that you present yourself. If it is revealed that you have in fact misrepresented yourself, people will question your legitimacy. 

A man who is on top of his shit does not accept second best from himself or from others. As a result, the good vibes that emanate from him will be returned tenfold. 

Conversely, he who mistreats others will have it visited upon himself in equal or greater measure. 

The Twofold Approach

You must be consistent in your interactions with others in order to be congruent and thus respected. But above all, you must be consistent with yourself. People who pursue a lifestyle which contradicts the basic goodness of Man will never satisfy the cravings that he feels; the void that he attempts to fill is bottomless because he has chosen the wrong path to begin with. This is evident in people who have succumbed to greed and corruption. This principle is expressed in many religious texts, the most famous and oft-quoted passage being "Love your Neighbour as you love yourself." Those who do evil do not love themself. Instead, they hate others. 

Be open, be frank, and be positive. And above all, be consistent.


This article was first published on the Seduction University forums.

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Be Consistent

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This article was published on 2010/12/31
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