How to Properly Apply an Aftershave

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Aftershave is seen as the style statement for swanky men in today's society. They are on one hand used as a bit of medication towards the small cuts and razor bumps, opened pores and shaving burns, and then on the other hand, men love them for their fragrances and wear them at the office and the parties to attract fellow people of the society. Fragrances are believed to give signals of one's luxury, taste, social stature, composure of the mind and of course, the attractiveness appeal quotient.

Aftershave is widely believed to give the coolness on the razor raven skin on one hand, and coolness on appearance as well as personality on the other. Therefore one has to be very particular about buying the right fragrance to guide the attraction quotient towards the high. In this connection, a wide social belief is that, women are precision smell identifiers and they know perfectly how to smell when at different environments. They know well how their men will smell the sweetest and therefore they can even help other men witch the choosing of fragrances to attract women. So, in order to shop for their luxury fragrances, wise men always accompany women.

Regarding application of the aftershave therefore it is necessary to choose the right fragrance which will be socially accepted as different men have different personalities. Classy men, sporty men, sharp and edgy ones, indifferent and casual ones, the intellectual and the happy go lucky types of men, all get their personalities bloomed with the wearing of the right fragrances. Thus while choosing the aftershave for using regularly, the using man should also give a thought on the particular image he wants to demonstrate in the society while he will go on wearing the particular fragrance on his aftershave.

Well shaved, suave looking men generally do not miss to use their aftershave each time they indulged in shaving of their beards. After the shaving with the lukewarm water, there may be nicks and cuts; or frequent friction of the razor blades on facial skin may open up some of the pores on face. Splashes of cold water after the shaving, with a thorough rinsing to move away the drops of the shaving foams from face, help in closing of the pores and clotting of the blood from the wounds. Then a soft touch of a towel soaks from the water of the face to dry up. This when is followed by some application of aftershave it gives a heavenly fresh feeling. But it is to be also kept in the mind too, that incorrect application of aftershave can be uncomfortably painful as well as bumping and irritational. A quarter tea spoon amount of aftershave taken on palm can be rubbed with both hands on both the cheeks at the same time from lower to upper and then back down till the neck. Larger amounts of aftershave however, often means an overdo of the cologne which is not really necessary for the facial skin and neither it is beneficial.

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How to Properly Apply an Aftershave

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This article was published on 2010/11/21