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You saw her and it was love at first sight. Your macho image melted with a mushy smile. And your heart leaped a beat for the first time ever. What now? Men! Men! And men! Do your ever know? But, that's what makes you win our love! As the first love advice for men, aim to win the girl of your dreams for a happy life ever after. I am not saying jump to a conclusion of getting married, but yes, if you say it's love, at least look for longer lasting relationship. Patience is the virtue of a man in love, thus, as my first love advice for men, be patient, positive and persistent. Fasten your seat belt on this lovely ride for love advice for men. Read on...

Love Advice for Men # 1
She is your classmate, your acquaintance, the girl next door (literally) or the girl you frequently see at a coffee shop. My love tips for men, at this juncture are, get closer (not physically) to the girl. Try and build some sort of a camaraderie with her. Another way of doing this is finding out if you have any common friends and getting in touch with them. Once the familiarity is established to a comfortable level, exchange phone numbers to build up the communication without friends.

Love Advice for Men # 2
Do not go overboard by calling her a bijjilion (I don't know how many zeros this one has!) times a day. Send her cute text messages in the morning to brighten up her day. Try and be original, instead of sticking to rudimentary forwards. If she replies, drop a line in the afternoon to know what her are plans in the evening. Good, if she lets you know, and if she doesn't follow up the next time.

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Love Advice for Men # 3
My next love advice for men is get to know her up close and personal. Take her out (it doesn't have to be a date always) to a coffee shop, on fake errands and 'I-need-your-help' trips to know what are her likes, dislikes, passions, dreams, fears, achievements and failure. This move will help you know your compatibility.

Love Advice for Men # 4
Once you know the compatibility and you've tasted the waters, it's time to make the crucial move. FLIRT! Yes, my man, put on your charm and wear your best up the sleeve and give her a little bit of your romantic side, before she puts you in the 'good friend' category. Use the flirting lines, flirting tips for texting and flirting lines for men that you have ever seen and learnt to their best. If you've got it right so far, you are ready for the next move.

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Love Advice for Men # 5
With the best chance you get, ask her out on a date. It's your first date together, alone, private and exclusively yours, so brush up your dating tips for men. Honest dating advice for men would be to walk the extra mile to make it special and memorable. Make all the preparations for the date well in advance, so that there is no goof-up. This is your last chance to woo her and the final moment when you'll pop the question. Once everything is settled, ask her out. Your efforts so far were good and if she is with you on a date, she too wants to be with you. So just ask her out without thinking too much this time. I can bet, she wouldn't say no for an answer! Read more on dating tips for men.

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The last and the best love advice for men from me is, it's never about knowing what women want, it's just about loving them. Love them forever, because that's all they want! Good luck!

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Love Advice for Men

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