Make Your Cheating Wife Want to End the Affair

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You don't have to have huge confrontations when you find out your wife is cheating. Confrontation is only needed when it is necessary for you to get closure and answers. Otherwise you can occupy your time and energy to a more secretive method of winning her back and make her want to end the affair she's having and come back home, in every way, to you.

Understand that Your Wife has Needs Too

Most women do not cheat for spite or because they don't love you. If they are unhappy or miserable in the marriage, they usually just leave. The average woman cheats because the other man offers her something she needs but isn't getting from you.

She loves you and the life you have together. That doesn't change the fact that she has needs and when some other man comes along who meets those needs without forcing her to give up you and the family you've created, well, sometimes she is just putty in his hands.


The big problem is that she may not even know what the specific need the other man is meeting is so it really isn't something she can ask you to fill for her. While this would make the task a little more difficult for the average mere mortal you have a little extra help on your side.

Give Her What She Needs Most from You

You see the number one most common thing the other man does that your wife doesn't feel she gets from you is this: he makes her feel noticed and appreciated.

Many men feel their wives don't believe their compliments. That may be true to some degree. She feels her husband's vision is a little clouded by the fact that he does love her. That doesn't mean she doesn't like or even need to hear them.

Notice when she changes her hair. Compliment her when she wears your favorite outfit. Acknowledge when she's worked hard to prepare a good meal for you. Thank her for the little things she does that make your life easier instead of complaining about the occasional thing she misses.

Understand that small tokens yield big results. You don't have to go out and buy a great big huge bouquet of roses to get your wife's attention and make her fall a little more in love with you. You can get one single rose or something even simpler like a daisy to show your appreciation and make her heart melt over and over again.



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Even if you did have the huge confrontation and may have even shown your wife the door after learning about her cheating, you can still get your ex back.

You just need to come up with an effective and winning game plan. Watch this free video: to discover one truly effective and masterful plan of action to win back your cheating wife.

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Make Your Cheating Wife Want to End the Affair

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This article was published on 2010/10/01
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