Playing Hard To Get – How To Win At This Game

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Have your attempts to play hard to get been disastrous?  Do guys just look at you and wonder what you're up to?  Are you too obvious, too subtle or simply too hard to get?  It can be a bit tricky figuring out when to take a step towards the guy and when to take a step back, but there is a middle ground where you can entice the guy without letting him think the game is over.

Many women are uncomfortable with the notion of playing hard to get.  I guess the word ‘play' makes it seem like a game of trickery or deceit.  But in fact, it's really a way of protecting yourself.
When you go out on that first date, you don't really know the guy.  And even if you think he's really cute, has a great smile and eyes that you know in your heart are the eyes of a kind and sweet man, don't fall for that.  You need to take the time to see for yourself that he really is a kind and sweet man.

So in order to give yourself this time, you need to keep just one step ahead of him; just enough to encourage him to keep working to impress you and enough to give you a clear view of the man he is.

The bonus to playing hard to get is that he gets a challenging opportunity to show what he's made of.  Men don't just want to snap their fingers and have a girl drooling all over them.  Just think how boring that must be.  A man wants to be challenged and wants to know that when he gets you, when he wins your heart, he really worked hard to woo you in order for you to give him your heart.

Be interested in him, but in a calm, cool, reserved kind of way.  You really want your attitude around him to say that you want him to get closer, but not that close… yet.

On dates with him, don't allow him to think that he can get physically close to you too soon.  Make him sweat it out.  He can brush his hand against yours, but you shyly pull your hand away.  He might shuffle up close to you as you watch a movie, but don't just melt into his arms right away.  Hold back and make him wait a bit.

Just be mindful not to push him away too hard too often; he'll just get discouraged or think you're toying with him.  Keep it balanced and fun and allow him to get closer and closer, just in tiny, titillating increments.

Play hard to get right and it'll be fun for both of you.

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Playing Hard To Get – How To Win At This Game

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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