Should Women Call Men?

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It has to take the modern woman to call the modern man on the telephone. if this attempted a number of decades ago, the woman would have been labelled all forms of unsavory things and her reputation sullied beyong repair. She would have been regarded as persona non grata. are things different today? can women call up men and not be known as names, and should they attempt this at all?

this question would imply that women have no right calling up men and would have most girls nowadays get all riled up. Women nowadays can now freely call men on the phone and not be anxious that they may bear social repercussions. but does that really answer the question? What about the men? how exactly would they react to women calling them up? Would they look at it as a standard course of event or would they all get alpha and claim that the calling should be done by men and men only? you can count your lucky stars if the man you're calling sees it as no problem but unfortunately, most men still prefer to do the calling. they are of the idea that this is a man thing and should not be stolen by women. Then again the women say that they should call the boys because they (the men) take forever to call and women should never be made to forever wait for the call! men who don't mind being called should be flattered.

take into account that if the man finds a woman calling him too forward, then he probbaly can't handle a woman with a take-charge attitude and the realtionship would have died a slow excruciating death. But if the woman doesn't call and the man doesn't either, then how is that to be found out? once more, is it okay for women to call men? the answer is easy enough, call if you'd like and do not call if you do not want; but to not call might mean that you simply passed up on a potential relationship. Note that some men, ironically, are shier than most women. just get that phone and call!

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Should Women Call Men?

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This article was published on 2010/12/02
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