Skinny Neckties and the Mad Men Show - Creating a Fashion Statement All Your Own

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Mad Men is not just a hit TV show on AMC, the fabulous vintage and skinny neckties seen on the show have become a major trend in men's fashion. The Modern Men TV hit takes place in the 1960s and the 60s gave birth to narrow neckwear. Now men's magazines like GQ and Esquire have caught on the trend, red carpets everywhere are featuring the hottest male celebrities capturing the look and even designers are turning to the show for inspiration for vintage ties. For men who want to pull off this look, remember today's thin neckties should have a contemporary look.

When to Wear Skinny Ties

Skinny or vintage neckwear is such a hot trend, because they can be dressed up or down depending on the event and the personal style of the wearer. Everyone from young boys to executives is pulling off this look that gives an instant edge of cool.

For business professionals, a patterned, tailored suit or patterned shirt can be paired with solid or colored vintage neckties. Keep the look professional by choosing a tie that is slightly narrower than usual, creating an impression of confidence and authority. Make sure the pattern is also not too bright which can cause the outfit to be too loud.

At a black tie affair thin neckwear paired with a traditional black suit and white button down is a timeless look. For a casual look, a skinny necktie can also be paired with a cotton shirt and a vest. Push up the sleeves on a long sleeved shirt or go with short sleeves and add a shirt striped or bold colored thin ties to create a fun and comfortable look, perfect for young men.

Styling with Skinny Neckwear

Though skinny neckties look great, their narrowness means they are just not the best look for bigger men. Buff, muscular men will look more pulled together with a regular width tie. Also, the slim neckwear look is more in tune with younger men. To still get the look of the Mad Man TV show, older men and more buffer man can go with something that is thin, but somewhat wider than the 2 inch neckties.

Men can also just turn to vintage ties. Pure silk fabrics in soft light blues, muted grays, browns and greens carry off the vintage look that reined during the rockabilly era. Of course, plaid, featuring graphics, bright reds, purples and oranges can also be worn. When going with bold neckwear remember that the more attention seeking the accessory is, the more tuned down the suit should be, to keep from looking too busy.

Finding a Vintage Necktie

Thrift shops are a great place to look for these accessories, but for vintage inspired looks, a number of fashion designers have created styles inspired by Mad Men. Among them is fashion designer Michael Kors who recently created an early 60s inspired line. Online vintage ties from the era can be purchased as well as skinny versions inspired by the show, listed on auction sites and sold by high end designers. Proportions are important when wearing skinnier neckwear, so keep it in balance with the outfit by making sure the necktie hits above the belt.

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Skinny Neckties and the Mad Men Show - Creating a Fashion Statement All Your Own

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Skinny Neckties and the Mad Men Show - Creating a Fashion Statement All Your Own

This article was published on 2010/03/27