The trying times

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It is often witnessed that the ex-army men face problems in their post-retirement life. This has many reasons and needs to be dealt with. Mostly the army men face problems with the income or the pension schemes as they do not suit their requirements. Also some problems of ex-army men are that they do not find the family pension scheme sufficient as it is not adequate enough to take care of the family once the army person has retired and if the family entirely depends upon him then it is a tough crisis indeed. In order to fix this problem the Army Chief of Staff General V K Singh said that he was trying to push more and more efforts into trying to bring the ‘one rank one pension’ scheme into effect in hindi news.

In a meet to address the problems of ex-army men the General also said that it is important to take care of the welfare of the soldiers and he assured that maximum efforts are being taken. He also assured that efforts are being put in to better the services of the army-men who need to register complaints and other such disparities with the army headquarters and highlighted the need to deal with such problems in a better way. General Singh also added that the army people are currently gathering data about the army men and their families to find out if they are aggrieved in any way.

In regard to this problem the chief minister of Kolkata Mamta Banerjee has proposed a scheme wherein ex-army men can join the police force in order to bring an end to the problems of ex-army men. These former army personnel are to be appointed for the recently formed police areas of Howrah and other such in Kolkata. The advantage of this scheme is that the soldiers have already been trained and thus the government need not shell out more money on their training which is already a big problem to them. The government is not able to cough up enough money to set training schools for freshly recruited policemen and in the wake of this problem came the solution to hire ex-army men instead.

This decision has however been taken and implemented only in Kolkata till now and the other states are yet to announce their take on this matter. In the coming days we might get to see a positive outcome from the government.

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The trying times

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The trying times

This article was published on 2013/09/13
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