What Men Really Want and Need - Decoding Male Psychology

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Do you have trouble decoding male psychology when it comes to your partner? Are you able to know what your boss wants from you, but have trouble understanding what men want from you in a relationship? Do you treat your partner as a co-worker? These are questions that professional women in this day and time should consider. It's difficult to figure out what men really want and need in a relationship but the following article should assist you in decoding male psychology.

When it comes to relationships, men love mystery-to an extent. However, many women ignore this. The use the same methods with their partners as they do in their jobs with their boss and co-workers. They always pick up the phone, they arrive early, and they answer questions directly. Be careful with this! These things won't create intrigue or exhilaration in your romance, and your partner might get bored. He must feel as though he's missing out on something, or else he will see no reason in chasing you.

Men need a feeling of excitement to be drawn to a woman. They want a mild apprehension at the mysterious things she does when the two are not together. Men are very receptive to the sense of excitement they feel during the chase, and women should often rely on this feeling to carry them through the start of the romance. Men basically want the same things that women want in a relationship- a safe, loving connection with a well-suited partner. They want a partner who can be their friend in addition to a partner who is not clingy or needy.

Oddly enough, guys do not tend to look for these traits in the women they date. Actually, they often look for the opposite and incline toward ladies who seem reckless, impulsive, and occasionally even mean-spirited. This is due to the fact that men don't regularly scrutinize their desires. They simply respond to them. It's generally too late by the time they know what they wanted.

What should a contemporary career woman do if she wants to change into a desirable knockout?
Look the past. Steer clear of cheap plastic miniskirts in addition to business outfits. Discover a middle ground where you feel relaxed, and find things that are more womanly than your customary office attire.

Create some mystery.

When it comes to your personal life, don't be so prepared. Don't return calls right away. Be hesitant to disclose all the events of your latest girls' night out when he asks, which he will.

Let him set the pace.

He needs to drive the relationship to feel safe and confident. You want a man and not an associate, so sit back and let him do a lot of the work. This is important since some guys steer clear of strong women since they're frightened of being weakened. If you let him to make all the moves, he'll understand that his masculinity is okay.

Keep in mind that understanding is what men need from you most. When it comes to decoding male psychology, you must know how they pick dates, how they respond to being unnoticed (or not being unnoticed), and why they have to feel as though they are in control. If you can make a few changes to the way you deal with guys, you will find that they adore secure, thriving women.

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What Men Really Want and Need - Decoding Male Psychology

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This article was published on 2010/03/27
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