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Ladies, do you feel you're the one in your relationship and do you feel thathe will choose in the end. Now ladies, I believe that if you can take care of your man by nurturing him and showing concern with everything he does and how he feels and his whereabouts, then my dear you are truly wife material and if you're there for him and is at his beck and call when he needs you, then of course your wife material or should I say wifey.

About a month ago, my man and I were having a discussion about a woman being wife material and he stated that with relationships, everything is a test because if a man leaves you in his bedroom and you see that it's a mess and you do nothing about it and leaves it the way it is, then you're not considered a real woman cause if you can leave it amess then you will always leave it messy without a care in the world and then guess what, it means that you love rats, roaches and rodents and you don't care how you're living. I know for a fact that I'm wifey material because I can never leave my man's house looking a mess cause I wouldn't feel comfortable cause remember, he's not the only one living in filth, you are too.

I know a woman as we speak who had a boyfriend who left her and it wasn't because she wasn't treating him right, but because she didn't care how he was living. So every night he would come home from a hard day of work and he would find the dishes piling up like there was no tomorrow and the place would look like a hot mess and to add the icing to the cake she would never cook and only believed in take out. Remember ladies; a way to a man's heart is through his stomach so you've got to feed your man regardless to what cause a man wants a woman who knows how to cook. No ifs, ands or butts about it. Now my ladies, know that a man doesn't want a woman who's messy no matter how messy he may be himself and it's a known fact cause remember ladies, men are nosier than women and yes men are big gossippers so if he goes to your house and your stove has left over food on it with grease and grime, you best to believe he will talk about you like a dog and you know it's not cute when a man talks about you like you're nothing cause the way a man gossips, they gossip with so much conviction no doubt about that. Nothing turns a man on more than a clean woman. Now here's the trick to it all.

If a man sees a woman on the street and she looks so clean and fresh and it just so happens he goes to her house and sees how messy she is, then best to believe he'll go back to his friends and say Oh my god, I just went to this woman's house and man she might have been clean but boy does she keep a dirty house so therefore, she's not wife material cause she'll probably leave my house a mess without a care in the world. So with that being said; he'll never take you serious at all and will string you along by dragging his feet and he'll never pop that question no matter how long you've been together and it would be so easy for him to replace you in a heartbeat no matter how he feels about you. One man I know quoted to me the other day and says he prefers a woman who keeps the house in tact cause if she doesn't then she's definitely not the one, let alone will he ever pop that question to her.

I was reading the book why do men marry bitches and it really caught my eye as I read some of the pages at the library and it was so true about how this author quoted that one of the ways a man will know that you're wife material is if you don't nag your man and keep pushing the issue of marriage cause that will just scare him away cause truth be told, a man doesn't want to feel pressured in any kind of way. They want to be able to take their time without any rush. So keep it classy at all times, but do it in a way that he knows you'll walk and you mean business if there's no ring involved. Trust, if you follow this you can never go wrong. I also know that if you know how to manage your money the right way and don't lean on him for every little thing, then you're wife material cause as much as a woman needs to feel secure, then a man needs to know if in any situation he can be able to count on you when he falls.

About a month ago, I had dinner with my man and his family and there was a little bit of food left over on the table that was left over and I just took it upon myself to straighten it out and truth be told I just felt the need to clear that off and not leave it a mess especially after I ate with hisfamily who probably will be my in laws one of these days. So therefore ladies, the way that I explained it to you, then that's what it is for the simple fact if you by chance have dinner with your man's family and you don't pick up after yourself, then little that you know they're really analysing you believe it or not cause you just gave them a preview of what life would be like for you and their son.

Another guy I know quoted that he prefers for a woman to be there for him no matter how bad the chips are down cause if she can do that then he'll definitely consider her wife material cause it's a matter of being there for him and nothing else cause he wants to be able to know if she'll be there for him. He also likes it when his woman looks good and well groomed at all times especially in the bedroom no matter how bad she's feeling, he doesn't want a woman who will let her looks slip away cause she must be confident at all times no ifs, ands or butts about it. I know for a fact that I really love my man cause I don't want to see my man do bad so I try to help the best way I know how and try to be there for him no matter what cause why should I have all the resources to be successful if I can't share my success and help my man out especially if he's down and out. That's why I know for a fact I'm wifey material.

Now what's the definiteion of a real woman when it comes to taking care of your man?

-If you can brush and trim the drama between the two of you in a relationship with a lot of understanding and still be able to work it out and still be able to take care of your man no matter what kind of differences you guys had.

-If you can still do what you've got to do no matter what regardless of how many fights and misunderstandings you've had together.

-A real woman never steals and keeps her composure cause she'll do what she's got to do and work hard to own lovely things even if she's got to hustle to get it without laying on her back to own a pair of designer labels.

(Men love it when a woman can hold her gorund and stand on her own two feet and always works hard).

-A real woman keeps a respect level at all times meaning she respects her family, his family, and of course her friends and herself and won't do anything to jeaopardize her relationship she has with her man no matter how bad things get.

-A real woman never tells her business let alone, air out her dirty laundry that would jeaopardize her relationship and last but not least, a real woman would never put her man on the spot let alone embarass him when he's doing bad or if he's financially unstable. If anything your man needs that support system and knows that he can depend on his woman.

So once again ladies, do you really think that you're wife material and believe that he will marry you and you're relationship will lead to marriage. Well, if you do then you should have no fear no matter what cause if you feel that you're marriage material and you're doing something right, then all you have to do is keep doing what you're doing in order for it to work out cause with relationships everything is with patience and patience is truly a virtue no doubt about that.

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Wife Material

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Wife Material

This article was published on 2011/10/30