Writing With the Quickened Letters

in Men

The letters form the words of symbols. The arrangement of the words conveys meaning of understanding. The understanding works wisdom that inspires to cycle a circuit. The interacting of levels at and within the levels (levels, words and wisdom) sparkles to reveal clear picture of a figure. The individual and corporate presentation of letters causes brightness in the description of the actual. This is how man is quickened into the comprehension of the gift of life. The resultant force of letters, word and subsequent wisdom manifests what so ever is intended. These are seeds of pod that is played on the standard board to infer any glory. The description of the letters in an orderly arrangement is to name according to the revelation caused.

Jesus Christ had been described as the beginning through to the end of letters. He is the word known and unknown, being the word of God. He solved controversy of arguments by His declarations. The word is manifested in Him to undo the power of ignorance. This is the formation that becomes the standard by which measurements are taken. It stands the test of time because of the empowerment of the spirit. It enhances the visibility in discovering the pathway to eternal rest. The power inherent to lead is followed to destination that is longed for. It advocates in delivering from the wrath of judgment. This is what gives sight and restores memory by calling to understanding. It can be so empowered to loose from what so ever entanglement to set at liberty the bound.

It is presented to meet a need and to satisfy it. This is read with the anticipation of solution to problem. It is to be sought and found by man. It preserves the memory of a thing by documentation. It recalls the situations and circumstances in dealing with life's issues by consultation. This is what gives the accuracy needed in breaking through. It is the registered opinion that is transferred to be known without fear of corruption by pollution. It is protected in shape and form from battery that dents the glory. It is what polishes the idea into radiation of excellent caption.

This is effort taken at reporting by witnessing the account had. It is the responsibility of ambassador in giving his stewardship. It is boldness required in standing firmly in the face of adversary. This is one thing manifested that can not again be denied. It is the power invoking the immortality required in sustaining the life. It is the way of the receipt of acknowledgment of the reference made. This is major way of attributing to man the potential merited. It is the formal announcement made in acquainting the man with the necessity.

This is the main support of institution that abides. It is what orders the processes of execution in establishment. This is the basis of empowerment for enforcement of managerial principles. It is the constitution of instruments fashioning the ideals of organization. This is stating the aims and objectives in the anticipation of realization of a deed. It is what empowers the mission for accomplishment by ensuring compliance. This could be either regulation or deregulation meant to bring forth the desired glory. It is ensuring the rule of law and upholding the custom in the community. This is how manipulation of misappropriation of inputting rights is checked for fairness in judgment - It is instrumental in the delivery and recording of justice.

This is the mode of conveying the man round about the point that is being made. It is means by which excursion is made in visiting the important sites. This is the systematic accompanying the man in the journey of life. It is the compass used in the determining of position and bearing in relation to the destination. This is the ship by which sail is made from coast to coast in the waters of life. It gives the wings needed in the flight made unto heights. This is the road construction in linking place of interest in the jungle of life. It is restorer of the old waste and renewal of exhausting strength.

It is what engages the man in the training and learning of trade. It is the guide in the study of foundational requirement for advancement in knowledge. This educates to become literate in the pursuit. It is perfect instructor in the personal development and equipment. This is the teacher of the rudiments of joyous living. It is the note dictated and written on the clean slate of the heart. This is what makes rhythm that is danced to.

This is what creates the seen from the unseen by calling forth. It is indeed the manifestation beyond the imagination of man. This is read aloud, spoken, in creating conducive atmosphere. It is the consolation, comfort and succor to those rendered. This is the empowerment that dissects in the revealing of hidden thought. It is the shower upon the seed sown in thought that multiplies into abundance. This is what hammers on the door of heart that can not be ignored. It is the fire that burns brightly to consume all things as dry wood. This is proven to mean every inch of object of concern.

This is one thing without which all things are dormant. It is the commander that gives the order obeyed unto prosperity. The disobedience to it carries heavier weight of punishment that compels the man unto compliance. It both alerts and makes at ease to show the preeminence of control. This is the designer of the formation of the battle plan of which man is drawn. Its rigidity can not assume flexibility as to bend and accept defeat in crusade. It is not known to record casualty in its host. It has the cover up plan of operations for the safety of its soldiers, even rescue mission. This is instructor under which the life of private soldier is as important as the glory of the victory.

It is the representative that conveys all that is stood for. This is evident from ideal to its comprehension in the pursuit of interest in representation. It agitates for the position comely of its inclusion in search of whole body of existence. This is the affirmation of competence in establishing reliability of standing in the gap in gracious policy formulation. It comes in the weakness of man and strength of God with objective of interchanging for better operation. This is presentation of the mind of God by the mortal to justify the indwelling of the Holy Ghost. It is the expressed image of the invisible God that aspired man in His stead.

This is what looses the tied tongue to make hitch free speech in the kingly court. It is the utterance of the heart out of abundance of its storage. This is revelation of the making of ready writer that scripted the mind of God. It is compliance with the principles of the oracle of God. This is means by which entrance is gotten into the mystery that is desired. It is open door to digging up treasures adorning the man.

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Writing With the Quickened Letters

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This article was published on 2010/03/30